Phi Kappa Psi - Georgia Beta

"The Great Joy of Serving Others"

Georgia Beta Chapter

Chartered on May 20, 2000, we are the Georgia Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. Our motto is “The Great Joy of Serving Others”.


Our brothers contribute an average of 10 hour of community service a semester.


Education and academic excellence are always our top priorities.


Our members create bonds with fellow brothers that last a lifetime.


We encourage our brothers to pursue leadership roles and create change.

What we offer?


Fraternal bonds formed with our brothers last a lifetime.


Our dues are among the lowest at Georgia Tech.


Alumni and brothers help us succeed professionally.

Social Events

From formals to mixers, they're always fun events.

Personal Growth

We push our members to exceed their limits.


We include and embrace diversity in all forms

Jeff Wysong

Growing Your Network

My favorite thing about Phi Psi is getting to meet all sorts of people, from Fortune 100 CEOs to new college students, yet have something in common with them. I love being able to go to Cabo, Mexico, or travel throughout the states to National's events and know that I'm part of a bigger family and that I'll always have the support of my brother.

Austin Kinney

Professional Support

My induction into Phi Kappa Psi was a lifetime commitment into a group of men that has helped me grow as an individual and as a leader. The connections I've made with this organization has found me endless opportunities with my career choices as a professional engineer. The alumni are constantly on the lookout to help younger men and want to provide the same help we received as undergrads.

Chris Dreybus

Becoming a Leader

Phi Kappa Psi helped me break out of my shell, hone my leadership skills, and become a more effective communicator. These were greatly enhanced serving in leadership positions as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and others. Phi Psi also allowed me to form great bonds with a variety of brothers and connect on deeper levels. These skills and learned experiences from Phi Psi serve me well in my professional career making me a better manager and leader.